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PROFESSOR ERWIN BODKY spent almost twenty years in the United States, making his home in the Boston area until his death in 1958.  Thanks to the kindness of Professor Mark Lindley, who chronicled some of Bodky's earlier life in Europe in an article entitled "A Prussian in Boston," CSEM has a trove of articles and photographs from Bodky's personal history stored in a collection of files on this web site.  To peruse these, click here.

The mission of The Cambridge Society for Early Music, founded in 1952 by the noted harpsichordist and musicologist Erwin Bodky, is to entertain, enlighten, educate and, in general, promote the rich musical culture of five centuries of Western music from the Middle Ages to the early nineteenth century. Since 1980 CSEM’s Chamber Music by Candlelight concert series has brought distinguished international artists and ensembles to intimate and elegant venues in five towns around the greater Boston area. Come experience - up close! - the thrill of music from another world and time


Claude Monet - Image of Venice's
Grand Canal
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Another image of Venice's Grand Canal
by Claude Monet
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Links to music in GUT REACTION'S concert from 2012-13:

Claudio Monteverdi,
Lamento della ninfa (Madrigal, 1638)
In the concert, we will hear an instrumental version of this famous piece.  Here is a performance of the original madrigal version, sung by Emma Kirkby

Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto for Strings in E Minor, Op. 22, performed by Tafelmusi

Biagio Marini, Passacaglia, Op. 22:

To hear and see the Toccata from
Monteverdi's L'Orfeo,



NEXT EVENT Saturday, 13 June, 12 pm

CSEM at BEMF 2015!!!

The Cambridge Society for Early Music
is proud to present the

ARION AWARD for 2015 to DAVID LAPIN and the


for outstanding contributions to musical culture.


Order of the program:

Presentation of the ARION AWARD for 2015 (10 min.)

followed by

A CONCERT of MUSIC by BEETHOVEN (Spring Sonata, Op. 24 & Kreuzer Sonata, Finale, Op 47)

with SUSANNA OGATA, violin, & IAN WATSON, fortepiano (35 min)

concluding with a brief RECEPTION including light refreshments (15 min.)

This event is open to the public, free of charge,  and takes place at

the New England Historical Genealogical Society, 101 Newbury Street, Boston (near corner of Clarendon Street) on

Saturday, the 13th of June, from 12 to 1 p.m.  N. B. This event begins at 12 noon sharp, and ends promptly at 1 p.m.



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